Nearby Attractions

Nearby Attractions - Picturesque Iffley Church - built in 1170
Picturesque Iffley Church – built in 1170

Amenities, Transport and Nearby Attractions

The Olive Tree Suite is extremely well situated just outside historic Iffley Village within the southern region of Oxford City. Situated on a major road there are excellent connections for travel into the city by bus, bicycle or car as well as outside for work, travel, shopping and relaxation.



Well situated for transport and local nearby attractions

Olive Tree Suite Location Map
Olive Tree Suite Location Map

As well as excellent transport connections the Olive Tree Suite also has several nearby attractions including historic Iffley Village

  • Walking distance from the picturesque Iffley village – home to 12th Century Norman Church, Iffley lock,
  • Walks alongside the River Thames and beautiful restaurants and pubs.
  • 10 minute walk to local supermarkets including Sainsburys and Co-op
  • Nearby convenient bus stops with frequent 10-15 minute travel to Oxford City Centre and the Oxford Train Station
  • Easy driving access to the A40, M40 and A34 via the Ring Road
  • Plenty of amenities for your comfort, convenience and security

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The Main Road - excellent links to Oxford City
The Main Road – excellent transport links to Oxford City
Nearby Attractions - Beautiful Iffley Lock
Bridge over The Thames by Iffley Lock
Nearby Attractions - Iffley Lock on the Thames
Iffley Lock on the River Thames
Nearby Attractions - Iffley Lock and River Thames
Iffley Lock and River Thames