Areas and Neighbourhoods in Oxford

A brief guide to Areas and Neighbourhoods in Oxford

Living & Staying in Oxford

Iffley Lock and River Thames
Iffley Lock and River Thames

As with any city in the world, there are neighbourhoods which may be more or less desirable to live in, and more or less affordable than the others. So what are the different neighbourhoods in Oxford, and what are the rents and housing like?

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A guide to the Areas and Neighbourhoods of Oxford City

  • Central North Oxford – This area is north of the city centre, primarily around Woodstock and Banbury roads. It is within walking distance of the University and city centre, has large individual houses, shared houses, and several apartment complexes. Rent tends to be highest in this area.
  • City Centre – There are few properties available for rent in the city centre, as most housing is owned by the University.
  • Summertown – Approximately two miles north of the city centre on the Banbury Road (near Marston Ferry Road) is the self-contained town of Summertown. There are many Victorian and Edwardian homes in this area, as well as several apartment complexes and shared houses. Summertown is on a direct bus route to the city centre. Rent is still fairly high in this area, but less than Central North Oxford.
  • St. Clements – East of the city centre, along St. Clements Street. This area is popular with students. Rents are lower than in Central North Oxford or Summertown.
  • Cowley Road – East of the city centre, along Cowley Road, and the side streets. This area is popular with students. There is a great ethnic mix in this neighbourhood, and many shops, restaurants, pubs, and clubs can be found here.
  • Headington – Headington is a town in its own right. There are many suburbs, with all types of housing, and a full shopping centre. Oxford Brooks University is located here, as well as the popular Headington High School (currently attended by Emma Watson – Hermione of Harry Potter fame). Rents vary greatly in this area. It is not walkable to the city centre, but there are buses that run often into Oxford.
  • Marston – Marston can be found along Marston Ferry Road, east of Summertown. Houses are much newer here, and so lack the character (and some say, the beauty) of many of the homes in Oxford.
  • Jericho – Very near the city centre (easy walking distance), west of St. Giles and along the canal is this lovely part of town which boasts narrow streets, century old cottages and townhouses, and a good shopping and eating area along Walton Street. Rent isn’t cheap here, but the housing varies greatly, so good rents can still be found.
  • Osney – Near to the railway station, it’s similar in look to Jericho, but not as appealing, and slightly further away from the city centre. And there is no equivalent to Jericho’s Walton Street.
  • South Oxford – Abingdon Road is the centre of this neighbourhood. Rents are less the further south you go from Oxford’s city centre. Many homes in South Oxford are walkable to the city centre.
  • Wolvercote – There is ‘upper Wolvercote’, which is just west of North Oxford (just before the Wolvercote Roundabout), and ‘lower Wolvercote’, which is over the bridge and down the hill. Upper Wolvercote is a ‘working class’ neighbourhood with many shared homes and flats, in addition to single family homes. Lower Wolvercote is next to Port Meadow and has a more rural feeling. Rents are lower here than in North Oxford.
  • Botley and Cumnor – West of the City, outside the ring road, and connected mainly through the Park & Ride system. There is a mixture of old and new homes and apartments here. Rents are lower the further outside the city you go.
  • Iffley – Iffley is a village within a city, with many lovely old homes and buildings and quiet neighbourhoods.

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